DS Automobiles unveiled the all-new DS 4 and DS 4 Cross at an online event this week. Whether the 4.4 meters long is the epitome of the avant-garde with which the French brand likes to be compared is not really clear. This DS 4 is a beautiful hatchback or should we say crossover with its own identity that fits in this time. A sleek and modern design with large 20 inch wheels. Often you only see this in the concept phase, but DS has really put them under it, which makes it all look a bit ‘tastier’.

The DS 4 has considerable dimensions on paper. With a width of 1.83 meters, a length of 4.40 meters and a height of 1.47 meters including the 20-inch wheels, it also gives it a sturdy and massive appearance. The DS 4 is new in every way and developed on an evolution of the EMP2 platform, with 70 percent new or exclusive parts. This new platform complies with the latest and most stringent safety standards, without compromising the overall weight of the body structure,

At launch, it enters the market as a plug-in hybrid (165 kW (225 hp) with more than 50 km range (WLTP) thanks to a 12.4 kWh battery pack in emission-free mode, an infotainment system and, according to DS, with driver assistance systems that have not been previously achieved. in this segment of cars, as well as two versions with a PureTech petrol engine.

Contemporary design

You will remember the DS 4 once you have seen it. A striking feature is the new front light signature featuring projection headlamps featuring the DS Marix Led Visionn system, which combines matrix and directional lights. The body is sleek with sharp lines. The door handles are recessed. The proportions have been taken over from the DS Aero Sport Lounge concept car, which provides this front la modern appearance.

On the inside, the DS 4 has a beautiful-looking, partly digital, fluid-shaped and ergonomic interior with many intuitive elements that invite you to use in terms of function. The layout of the controls is new and has three interaction zones with the aim of making interaction easier and operation easier. Furthermore, the clock ‘the guilloché of Clous de Paris’ is of course also included with this DS.

DS 4

Innovation on many fronts

The DS 4 and DS 4 Cross have quite a bit of innovation on board. In the car, for example, we find DS Air, an innovative ventilation system with compact central fans and invisibly placed air outflow openings. The air flow separated by a cone makes it possible to optimally adjust the direction of the ventilation.

The interior of the DS 4 has two confluent zones: a contact zone for comfort and an interaction zone for the various interfaces. As always with DS, extra attention is paid to the upholstery. The heated and ventilated seats have a unique shape, based on that of a shell, which should provide an exceptional degree of comfort. The extended seat and the shape of the shell provide a very innovative style.

There is also an adjustable, indirect mood lighting that is designed in such a way that the door panels float optically and enhance the calm in the interior. All this supplemented by a 690 watt Focal Electra audio system with fourteen speakers and acoustic glass in the side windows.

DS 4

DS 4

First step to augmented reality

New technology projects the information essential for driving directly onto the road. An optical effect causes the data to appear on the road surface, as it were, four meters in front of the car – something that has not been shown before in this segment. Essential information – such as speed, driver assistance systems, navigation and warning messages and even the music track being played – are projected onto the road.

This technology is part of a wider offering, which is at the heart of a completely new infotainment system with a 10-inch display: the DS Iris System. The new interface has the ergonomics of a smartphone, with a touch-sensitive interface. The system uses widgets and fully customizable profiles. Settings and display preferences are automatically loaded when the driver enters.

voice recognition

The DS Iris system can also be operated by voice and gestures and is also a personal assistant that recognizes what is being said and immediately executes requests. The infotainment system is supported by a gesture control system, DS Smart Touch. This works with the screen on the center console. All you have to do is gesture to your favorite functions that can be set in advance. The system also recognizes usual movements such as zooming in and out and handwriting. To ensure that the system and the navigation maps always work optimally, updates are carried out in real time via the cloud.

DS 4 inside

DS Drive Assist 2.0

DS uses semi-autonomous driving functions at level 2, the highest level currently permitted on the road and already available for the DS 3 Crossback and the DS 7 Crossback under the name DS Drive Assist 2.0.

For example, the cruise control automatically adjusts the speed to other traffic and can bring the car to a stop in a traffic jam and let it drive away again if that is possible. The system also ensures an optimal position within the chosen lane. The steering wheel is equipped with a touch sensor, which continuously checks whether the driver is still active and alert – after all, the driver must always maintain control of the car.

The new Radar Corners enable other functions such as increased range monitoring of the blind spot (with a range of up to 75 m) and Rear Traffic Warning to avoid collisions with obstacles in the blind spot.

DS Active Scan Suspension

This system is unique in the segment and uses a camera located at the top behind the windscreen. It registers unevenness in the road surface and reports it to the on-board computer, so that the chassis can anticipate this. Four sensors determine the car’s position in relation to the road and are combined with three accelerometers.

Based on this, the system controls the damping of all wheels independently. The system makes the damping harder or softer depending on the situation. The result is even better comfort regardless of the condition of the road surface.

DS 4 Cross

DS 4 Cross

DS 4 and Sustainability

The DS 4 consists of 95 percent reusable materials and 85 percent recyclable parts. 30 percent of the car’s weight is made from renewable or recycled materials, from metals to polymers. The non-visible part of the dashboard consists of 20 percent hemp. From the recycled materials, polypropylene, polyester fibers and elastomer are used for conductors, sound damping or attachment points.

Available end of 2021

The DS 4 is available in seven body colors, two of which are new. The colors Copper Gold and Opper Gold and Laquered Gray complement the existing colors.

The DS 4 can be experienced in all DS Stores in Europe after its launch on February 3. As a customer, you can put together your own DS 4 on a luxury chair using virtual reality glasses. The DS 4 and DS 4 Cross will be in the DS Store from the fourth quarter of 2021.

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