It is a very old issue . Once a wealthy man went to some fakir and said, 'Maharaj, I want to pray. But despite all the efforts, we can not pray. No matter how many eyes are closed. But there is no vision of God. 'Fakir smiled and took him to a window. In which was the clean coach. Trees, birds, clouds and sun were visible all over. The fakir took that Dhanak near the other window. On silver was threatened with silver threat. Thereby, Jahar was not clearly visible. Just the face of the rich was visible. Fakir explained that because of the brightness of the light you are your shaqakashai country, it is also around your mind. Last night See the focus wherever you look. You only see yourself As long as the new layer above the trayara, Parmar and the experiment are useless for you. Take care that the miracles like transparent and long mind keep your attention focused on your spell time to achieve success.


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