A working copy of the first Apple computer is currently being offered at eBay for 1.5 million dollars (1.2 million euros).

The computer is sold by the Canadian Krishna Blake, who kept it in a bank vault in the US state of Florida for years. According to him, the computer was made by Apple founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak themselves.

Blake previously tried to sell the unique Apple-1 for $ 1.75 million. According to Blake, computer museums and collectors are particularly interested in the unique computer.

It is not the first time that an Apple-1 has been sold for a large amount. In 2010 a copy was sold for $ 210,000. In 2014, a merchant sold the Apple-1 for $ 905,000.

The computer that has now gone on sale is said to be a lot rarer because of the wooden housing.


Polk Audio has released a new soundbar. This concerns the Polk React, a new slime sounbar which has Amazon Alexa.

Polk Audio has released the new Polk React; a smart soundbar that supports voice assistant Alexa. The soundbar has been developed for Dolby and DTS. In terms of design, it is a beautifully designed, slim soundbar.

There are four microphones under the hood of the new soundbar. The Polk React also has support for Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1. Support for Dolby Atmos is not available. Polk gives the option to link the SR2 surround speakers as well as the React subwoofer.


The soundbar will be available in stores from mid-February for a price of 299 euros. The speakers cost 179 euros for a set. And the subwoofer costs 199 euros.


It has probably not escaped you that the PlayStation 5 is currently extremely difficult to obtain. Due to the high demand and limited supply, there are huge queues and only a handful of consumers have managed to get hold of the console compared to the total interest.

PlayStation 5 stock

The new next-gen console appeared on November 19, 2020. Since November 19, the console has been difficult to obtain in the Netherlands and there are only small batches that become available with a new delivery.

Since 1 January 2021, virtually no new stock has become available at the largest retailers in the Netherlands in individual sales. Despite the limited stock, the retailers have started to deliver the earlier pre-orders. In recent weeks we have received various messages from consumers who have now received the console from an earlier order around November 2020. This mainly concerns Bol.com and Amazon Netherlands. Reports have now also been received that a new stock has been received in the Netherlands which will focus on single-copy sales.

Want to buy PlayStation 5?

It is expected that new stock will soon appear at Bol.com and Amazon. From the reports that we have heard from Europe, a new stock has now arrived for European retailers with a considerable number of consoles.

If we look at the previous deliveries, the greatest opportunity is present at Bol.com and Amazon. The other web stores receive smaller batches and are almost immediately sold out.

Notification at Bol.com

Sent with the earlier delivery Bol.com an early notification as soon as a new stock has appeared online. It is advisable to set an alert on the Bol.com site. You will receive a message as soon as a new stock has arrived. Enter your email address at Bol.com here. For the Netherlands, for the time being, the chance is greatest at Bol.com. It is expected that a number of new batches will be shipped in February. During the December delivery, Bol.com sent an email early via the notification service.

Overview availability PS5

Updated on 1/29/2020 (9:15 PM)



Telegram continues to release new functionalities. In a new feature, Telegram makes it easier to migrate chat history from other apps such as WhatsApp, LINE and KakaoTalk to Telegram. This has made the switch from WhatsApp to Telegram a lot easier. The company announced this in a Thursday blog post.

Telegram wants to make it easier for users of other apps to switch. According to the service, more than 100 million users joined the service in January. Its popularity is mainly due to the increasing pressure on WhatsApp for privacy.

WhatsApp export function

Via an export function in WhatsApp it is possible to move the messages to Telegram. According to Telegram, the messages are stored in Telegram’s cloud and not on the phone.

For Android it is possible to convert the messages via the steps below:

  • Open a WhatsApp conversation
  • Tap ‘More’
  • Select ‘Export chat’
  • Tap Telegram in the ‘Share with’ menu

For iOS, the steps below are:

  • Open a WhatsApp conversation
  • Tap the name or group chat name at the top of the screen
  • Select ‘Export chat’
  • Tap Telegram in the ‘Share with’ menu



Xiaomi will unveil the new Mi 11 smartphone on February 8. Xiaomi will announce and present the latest smartphone during the event.

The Xiaomi Mi 11 officially appeared in China at the end of 2020. After two months, the smartphone will also come to Europe on the market. As usual, Xiaomi will always launch its Mi series a while later in Europe and other countries. The Xiaomi Mi 11 will be officially released on February 8th.

The Xiaomi Mi 11 is available in a number of different colors. In China you can choose from a gray, blue and white version with a glass back. There is also a purple or beige variant made of leather. The Mi 11 has a metal frame.

Xiaomi has equipped the smartphone with a 6.81-inch large screen with a QHD resolution. The refresh rate is configured at 120Hz. The screen is provided with a layer of Gorilla Glass Victus which will prevent scratches and damage.

Snapdragon 888 processor

Xiaomi has a first in terms of processor. Under the hood of the smartphone there is a Snapdragon 888 chip which will be the successor of the Snapdragon 865. The chip has been significantly adjusted in terms of speed and graphics performance. The 5G model is also integrated in the Snapdragon 888.

The basic version has 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. The 256GB variant is equipped with 12GB of RAM.


There are three cameras on the back of the smartphone. This is a 108 megapixel main camera. In addition to the main camera, there is also a wide-angle sensor and macro sensor.


Android 11 is directly available on the smartphone from the manufacturer. Xiaomi has equipped the device with MIUI 12.5.


wireless charging has been on the market for some time and developments are going quite fast in that area as well. As far as all techniques are focused on a cable with a charging plate. The Chinese Xiaomi has shown a new charger which uses the Mi Air Charge technology.

The Mi Charge Technology is a form of wireless remote charging, or better known as “remote charging technology”. This technique makes it possible to charge multiple devices simultaneously. It is also possible to use the smartphone while charging.

Xiaomi has developed a new unit which has interference antennas. A phase control array consisting of 144 antennas transmits millimeter-wide waves via beamforming for charging.

Under the hood of the smartphone you can find an antenna array which has a built-in antenna.

Currently, Xiaomi’s remote charging technology is capable of remote charging 5 watts for a single device within a few meters of the street. Naturally, this is a concept technology that will be further expanded in the future. The question is also what such a charging cube is aimed at humans in terms of consequences. The device uses microwaves which can also be found in microwaves and WiFi.


More information is now known about the release date of the Amazon Echo Show 10. The smart display that will move with the user will be available from 25 February.

Amazon Echo Show 10 smart display

The Amazon Echo Show 10 will be available on February 25, 2021. Last September, Amazon announced its new Echo Show 10 at an event. It is a smart display that has the ability to rotate with users when Alexa is called up.

Amazon uses an echo location for the movement in combination with various cameras on the front of the screen. The collaboration of the techniques makes it possible to recognize the voice and follow the user, so that the screen will always be visible.

Starting February 24, 2021, the product will be available for purchase at a suggested retail price of $ 249.99.



Samsung has on January 14 an all-new Galaxy S21 series launched. This will bring three additional smartphones on the market, including the; Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus and finally the Galaxy S21 Ultra. From January 29, the smartphone will be available at the points of sale and online retailers.

Samsung Galaxy S21

The Galaxy S21 is a new smartphone with high-end specifications. Of the series, the Galaxy S21 is the entry-level model and is cheaper compared to its predecessor at the time of release.

The Galaxy S21 + is based on the base of the Galaxy S21 but only features a larger 6.7-inch screen. Compared to the 6.2-inch screen of the Galaxy S21, not too much of a difference when it comes to the screen.

If we look at the Galaxy S21 Ultra, it is a completely different story. Samsung has provided the Ultra edition with high-end specifications and a larger 6.8-inch screen with the highest resolution.

New design

Compared to its predecessors, the design has been reasonably adjusted. Especially on the back of the smartphone, a new camera island can be found which is incorporated into the side of the smartphone. With the use of metal edges, the camera island is now quite present and will be seen as an eye-catcher of the new smartphone. By processing the edges in the side, the camera runs inwards and connects to the glass of the camera, with which both the camera and the side have become one whole.

The Galaxy S21 features three photo and video sensors: a 12-megapixel main sensor, a 12-megapixel wide-angle lens and a 64-megapixel telephoto lens. The S21 Ultra features a 108-megapixel main sensor, a 10-megapixel wide-angle lens and a 10-megapixel telephoto lens. The ultra-wide-angle sensor of 120 megapixel is also not missing on the smartphone.

Hardware Samsung Galaxy S21

also under the hood of the smartphone, new specifications can be found. Under the hood of the Smartphone, the 5nm Samsung Exynos 2100 processor with 8GB of RAM can be found. A total of 12GB is available for the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Availability and suggested retail prices

The Galaxy S21 5G and S21 + 5G will be available from January 29 for a suggested retail price of € 849 for the Galaxy S21 5G with 128 GB of memory and € 899 for the Galaxy S21 5G with 256 GB of memory.

The Galaxy S21 + 5G with 128 GB of memory costs € 1,049 and the Galaxy S21 + 5G with 256 GB costs € 1,099.


More TV series, blockbusters and exclusive original series and films can be found on the new Star part of the Disney + streaming service from 23 February.

Disney + Star offer

In addition to Grey’s Anatomy, Modern Family and Glee titles, a host of new titles are coming to the platform from February 23rd. In total, it concerns 50 TV series, more than 250 films and 4 exclusive Star Originals which can be seen exclusively via the Disney + app. The range will continue to expand in the following months.

Although Disney + is more than a year old, the offer is still quite disappointing. There weren’t really big orginals on the service alone. But that will suddenly change with the Star channel.

With the acquisition of 21st Century Fox in 2019, the company has gained a huge range of content. Much of it comes to Disney +.

The content coming to Start comes from 20th Television, ABC Signature, FX Productions and 20th Century Studios. Disney + Star features the movies and series Deadpool, Grey’s Anatomy, 24, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Modern Family, Prison Break, Planet of the Apes, Devil Wears Prada, Braveheart, Die Hard, Futurama, Homeland and The Americans.

Price up

However, this addition of the content will push the price upwards. Disney + will become 2 euros per month more expensive after February 23. Members who are already members of the streaming service before that date pay the old price of 6.99 euros per month for another 6 months.


During the presentation of the Q4 2020 quarterly figures, Tim Cook released more information about the availability of the AirPods Max. The headphones have been difficult to obtain for several months and it is expected that availability will remain limited for a while in the coming months.

Tim Cook expects that the AirPods Max will only be easily accessible from the second quarter of 2021.

Shortage of AirPods Max

It is now clear that Apple has a serious shortage of AirPods Max copies. Since the launch in December, the headphones have been difficult to obtain. Delivery for order in December is now February 2021.

Tim Cook says that the problems will not be solved for the time being. Apple expects to experience problems with the AirPods Max production until the second quarter of this year.

Production problems?

The question is whether there are no problems with production. Since its release, there have been quite a few problems with production. However, Apple says it is due to the great success of the AirPods Max. The headphones are aimed at the higher segment with a suggested retail price of 629 euros.



Tesla has given the Model S and X a new, updated version. The new Plaid versions of the Tesla Model S and X can be ordered immediately. When we look at the innovations, the interior is especially striking.

The interior of the Model S had not been changed for over 8 years. With the arrival of the new version, the design is focused on the minimalist design of the Tesla Model 3.

If we look at the wheel, it is a half wheel which looks a lot like an airplane wheel.


The hardware has also been provided with various improvements. The 17-inch screen has been given a resolution of 2200 × 1333 pixels. There is also a screen in the rear where passengers can game via wireless controller. In total, the sound system has 22 speakers and a power of 960 watts.


The new Tesla Model S Plaid has 1020 horsepower and goes from 0 to 100 in just 2.1 seconds. It is estimated to have reached 628 KM. The Plaid has been given a starting price of 89,990 euros. The fastest edition has a power of 1100 HP and is available from 139,990.



The Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X are still difficult to obtain, just as with the PlayStation 5. Stock in 2021 will also remain quite scarce. For example, Amy Hood makes Microsofts chief financial officer, known in a recent discussion with investors.

Xbox Series X stock

According to Amy Hood, the poor availability of the new generation console is mainly due to the high demand and limited supply.

Stock has been limited since the launch of the Xbox Series X and Series S. In small numbers, the stock is replenished at the online web shops. The corona virus certainly does not help when it comes to production capacity.

Amy Hood says the following:

“In gaming, we expect continued strong engagement on the Xbox platform and significant demand for the Xbox Series X and S that will still be constrained by supply.”

In recent months, Xbox Series X sales have generated good numbers. The console is selling well. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has said the following:

The launch of Xbox Series X and Series S was the most successful in our history, with the most devices ever sold in a launch month. Game developers are benefitting, too, as they turn to us to reach more players and scale the games using the power of our cloud. We exceeded $ 2 billion in revenue from third-party titles this quarter for the first time. ”



Samsung has once again started rolling out Android 11 for the Galaxy S10 series. The company has previously paused the rollout due to mounting issues with the update. In the meantime, the problems have been solved and the update is running smoothly again.

Android 11 update for Galaxy S10

Samsung has started rolling out Android 11 for the Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus since mid-January. This week, Samsung has halted the rollout due to issues with the quality of the photos.

Samsung has now resolved the errors and released the update again. The OTA update has now been received in Switzerland. The update will also be available for Dutch users soon. The update is offered gradually so it may take a while before the update will be received on the device.



Smart home products are on the rise. The new possibilities of smart home nowadays go beyond a set of smart lamps or a smart switch. Nowadays there are also plenty of options for saving energy.

It is good for both the environment and your wallet to save energy. Smart home products can very well help to save energy. Of course it is also possible to start with comparing energy.

Saving on electricity via smart home

Saving on electricity is quickly possible by using energy-efficient products. In addition to replacing devices, it is also possible to make existing products more economical.

Devices in stand-by mode consume quite a bit of energy while not in use. Energy will still be consumed during standby consumption. By using smart plugs it is possible to easily save energy.

These are plugs that you place between your device and your socket. Via an app it is then possible to determine when it should be turned off completely and when it will turn on again. This can be done manually via the app or according to a completely fixed rhythm. In addition to the TV, you can also connect your lamps or equipment such as computers / monitors to a smart plug.

There are also smart plugs that measure how much energy the device uses. This way you immediately see which devices in the house consume the most power.

Smart lighting

Lighting is one of the largest energy consumers in the home. In any case, it is wise to replace the older light bulbs for energy-efficient LED lighting. If you do switch, it is wise to immediately purchase smart LED lighting, which makes it possible to fully program the lighting by using schedules, sensors and smart data that has been collected. Today there are many brands of which Philips is one of the most popular at the moment. In addition to Philips Hue, there are also lamps from Ikea, Innr and many dozens of brands. Nowadays the Lidl various smart home products.

Solar panels

Solar panels can be easily connected to smart home products. The best way to save a lot on your electricity costs is to generate energy yourself. By using solar panels it is possible to easily save energy. In combination with smart home products you can also plan scenarios so that, for example, the dryer or washing machine will run at a suitable time. By using smart washing machines you can ensure that the washing machine only runs when the sun is shining.



‘Nothing’ is the new consumer technology company of OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei. Exact details about the new company and the products are still unclear.

New company ‘Nothing’

Nothing is according to CEO and founder of Nothing Carl Pei a new tech company based in London. According to Carl Pei, it is time for a breath of fresh air of change in the technology sector.

Nothing will release its first devices in the first half of this year. It is still unclear which products are involved. It is expected to be ‘smart devices’, although this word is quite general.

Nothing has to remove the boundaries between people and technology to create a seamless digital future, according to the tech entrepreneur.

A number of investors have already been attracted and the company has recently raised $ 7 million in investments from, among others, the popular YouTuber Casey Neistat. The 31-year-old Pei left OnePlus last fall.



Ring announced a new compact video doorbell on Wednesday which will be used without a battery. This is the Ring Video Doorbell Wired.

Ring Video Doorbell Wired

Ring has presented the Ring Video Doorbell Wired. This is a compact smart doorbell which has a large number of functionalities. For example, 1080p video is available and functions such as night vision and noise reduction are included.

The new doorbell can be connected directly to the power supply, so no battery is required and charging is not required.

The Ring Video Doorbell Wired also works with the additional Ring Protect Plan; this gives you direct access to online options such as Pre-Roll and recordings.

Availability Ring Video Doorbell Wired

With the arrival of the new Ring Video Doorbell Wired, it is also the cheapest version. The new compact doorbell will be available in the Netherlands for 59 euros from May 2021.



Sony today released the PlayStation Plus games for February 2021. Next month we will get a PlayStation 5 title and two PlayStation 4 games.

February 2021 PlayStation Plus games

Next month we can get started with Destruction AllStars for the PlayStation 5 and we will get the games for the PlayStation 4: Control: Ultimate Edition and Concrete Genie.

Control: Ultimate Edition is available for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The Ultimate Edition of the game not only looks better on PlayStation 5 but also receives new content. This concerns The Foundation and AQW extensions.

With the new release, the games are the successor to the free January games. Until February 1, the games Maneater, Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Greedfall are still available for download. The new games can be downloaded from 2 February.



Xiaomi has a decent range and in addition to smartphones, Xiaomi now also has various wearables such as smartwatches. Meanwhile, the first rumors about the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 have surfaced. According to sources, the new Xiaomi Mi Band 6 has an integrated GPS module and Alexa support.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6

Xiaomi’s wearables are popular and can be found in the lower segment. It seems that the upcoming Mi Band 6 will have quite a few new functionalities.

A user of the GeekDoing forum has found multiple references aimed at the Xiaomi Mi Band 6.

New hardware

The new fitness tracker will be released in two variants, one with NFC and one without. The version with NFC is only aimed at the Chinese market.

Striking is the built-in GPS reception. This makes it possible to use a GPS range without a smartphone. Until now, the Mi Band uses the smartphone for GPS.

Availability Mi Band 6

It is not yet clear when the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 will appear. The Mi Band 5 was released in July 2020.



Smart home systems are getting more and more applications. Think of smart lamps, applications for the media and controlling comfort.

What is smart home?

Smart home is literally translated ‘smart home’ and that is the main goal of a smart home addition. In short, it is automating processes through digital means.

Domotics is a common word that will be used within smart home. Home automation is the merging and combining of different smart home combinations by mainly combining techniques.

Combination of products

By combining many products you develop a smart home. Nowadays there are several products that can communicate with each other. By means of a smart home hub it is possible to combine smart products. An example of a smart home hub are the products of Homey.

The possibilities are vast. It is possible to automate many processes which are normally performed manually. This includes automatically switching on smart lighting, operating the heating based on the last location and activating one irrigation system.

Some scenarios that are possible:

  • Set lighting at fixed times
  • Combining lighting with smart motion sensors
  • Automatically turn off / on the heating based on GPS distance
  • Mowing the lawn at the right time with robotic mowers
  • Activating the irrigation system in the garden
  • Automatically control curtains and blinds when the sun starts to shine
  • Smart scenarios with lighting and audio during Netflix
  • Based on smart door sensor light on or off.


There are also plenty of options outside the house. Think of smart garden lighting from, for example, Philips Hue, or modern LED strips. In addition to lighting, there are also options for a sprinkler installation that works entirely on smart home technologies.

Nowadays there are several soil sensors available which can measure the soil quality. Then it is possible to automatically activate the system at a minimum humidity. It is also often possible for existing water systems to use an existing controller to make the functionalities smart.

With the new ways of smart watering the garden, you will quickly receive many benefits. This way you will never forget to water the garden and plants and shrubs receive the correct amounts of water. It is also possible to activate the system from a holiday address. In addition to the few functionalities, there are also possibilities to link the data with a weather station. If the weather station shows that rain has fallen all morning, it is not necessary to spread water in the garden. This also makes a smart system cost-effective.



Fall Guys will soon be getting the new Season 3.5 update which will add quite a bit of content to the game. In addition to various new outfits, a new level will also be available.

Fall Guys update 3.5

The mid-season Fall Guys Season 3 update is on the way. Update 3.5 will feature a completely new level in addition to new outfits. In addition to the innovations, Fall Guys 3.5 also comes with a Fall Feed, what exactly is involved is as yet unclear.

There will also be different variances on existing levels. Multiple levels are given such variations, so playing must remain interesting with new objects and challenges.


For the time being, it is unclear when the Fall Guys update 3.5 will be available. Developer MediaTonic has not yet announced a date for the new update. Fall Guys appeared as a free PSPlus for the PlayStation 4. Whether and when the game will also be released on the Xbox platform is still unclear.



The Motorola Edge S has been officially released. With the Edge S, Motorola is targeting a high-end segment. Under the hood of the smartphone there is a Snapdragon 870 processor.

Motorola Edge S

The Motorola Edge S is the first device to have a Snapdragon 870 processor. When it comes to the performance of the new 870 chip, it sits between the Snapdragon 865 Plus and this year’s Snapdragon 888. At the time of writing, the Snapdragon 888 is the best chipset for the smartphone market. The 870 is intended for the cheaper smartphones in the higher segment.

The Motorola Edge S has a 6.7-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 2520 by 1080 pixels with a 90Hz panel.

The necessary cameras are also present at the back. In total there are three cameras and four sensors, the main camera of which has a 65 megapixel lens with 6K support.


For the time being, the smartphone has only been released for the Chinese market. A release for Europe is still unclear. The smartphone is available in both a 6GB / 128GB and 8GB / 256GB variant.



Honor has released a new smartphone since its sale by Huawei. This concerns the new Honor View 40 5G which has a MediaTek chipset under the hood.

Honor View 40

For Honor, it is the first smartphone since the subsidiary was sold by Huawei. Instead of the well-known HiSilicon Kirin-soc, it is now a chip from MediaTek which will be used.

Due to the split-off from Huawei, the company has the option of providing the smartphones with Google services. The Honor View 40 does not yet have Google services because it has still been developed under the control of Huawei.

The Honor View 40 is equipped with a Dimensity 1000+ chipset from MediaTek. Furthermore, the smartphone has a 6.72-inch OLED screen. The camera module is striking. It features a 50 MP RYYD sensor, 2 megapixel macro lens and 8 MP wide angle. At the front there are two 16 megapixel sensors.

The 4000mAh battery supports fast charging at 66W. Wireless charging is possible with a maximum power of 50W.

Huawei sold Honor last year to a consortium of Chinese investors and a state organization. The Honor View 40 5G has been given a suggested retail price of 456 euros in China.


Huawei has grown enormously in recent times when it comes to smartphones. Especially the P series and the Mate series have been very well received. Since the trade ban with the United States, the company has struggled to stay popular. If we can believe the rumors, Huawei will stop with the P and Mate series. Huawei itself says this is not the case.

Will Huawei stop producing smartphones?

Huawei is bothered by the trade ban. As a result, Huawei may not include Google services on the new devices. Although it has now considerably expanded its own app gallery, consumers seem to be mainly looking for Google Play Store smartphones. In addition to the Google Play Store, Google Maps, YouTube and other Google services are also missing from the smartphone.

The trade ban leaves its mark on the Chinese company. The trade ban is aimed at espionage by the Chinese company. In addition to the restriction on Google services, the company also does not have the option to use hardware from American soil.

Whether Huawei will really stop selling the smartphones is as yet unclear. But the rumors are still quite present.



Rumors have been circulating about the Apple VR headset for several years. If we can believe the rumors, Apple is coming with a VR headset that is close to the high-end segment. After the VR headset comes the long-awaited Apple Glass AR glasses.

VR device Apple

While the Apple Glass will focus on augmented reality, the Apple headset is mainly focused on virtual reality. Apple will focus on a VR headset for the Apple Glass. Bloomberg writes, based on sources, that the device will be much more expensive than rival VR headsets, with a price range of up to $ 1000.

As the internal strength of the VR headset, there is probably a new chip that is more powerful than the M1 Apple Silicon processors. Compared to the current products on the market, the display has a much higher resolution and has a built-in fan.

For the time being, more information about the unveiling of the new product is unclear.



Microsoft increased the prices of Xbox Live Gold on Friday, a few hours later the price increase was canceled. Several hours after the increase, there has been a lot of criticism from gamers.

Microsoft announced the price increase for the Xbox Live Gold subscriptions on Friday. In the Netherlands, that monthly subscription, with which Xbox users can game from 7 euros to 9 euros per month.

That explains the software maker in the same press release as where it announced the price increases.

Microsoft says it has made a mistake and it was right that Xbox users have complained about the increase. Due to the situation, Microsoft has decided to make free games available to the gamers without Xbox Live Gold membership.




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