If you are looking for a good job then you will have an updated resume.  Most Young Resumes  While preparing, do not think too much, while this may be your first impression.  is .  Know what mistakes should be avoided when creating resumes

(1) Do not tell soft skills - avoid writing in soft skills in resumes.  Instead, think about technology.  Employers use the application tracking system, which will find related skill based kiosks in your resume.  These are MarkTable Skills like Data Sais Channel Sales etc.  Suggests such skills as soft skills, leadership, communication, etc. 

(2) Discuss the responsibilities - In the Resume, tell how helpful you were to the old company's progress.  Discuss the responsibilities given by the company there.  Focus on achievements too.  Let's talk about how you increase sales so much.  Victors connect with your achievements in a better way.

(3) Objective Statement - You must refrain from giving the resume objective statement.  It is nonsensical, because it becomes clear from the application itself for your post.  If you want to show your relevance to the job  Then show it in your cover letter.  Write 3 or 4 lines of Professional Summary at the top of your resume.  You also offer a better way of working experience. 

(4) Do not write once - good writers know that the Golden Draft is not ready at once.  The words have to improve, after this, they get better results.  You should also seek opinions from friends and professionals for your resume and finalize the draft by improving it accordingly. 

(5) Avoid mistakes and lies - there should be no typing typing in the resume.  Due to mistakes, your focus will not be correct.  There should be no false information in the resume.  Verification report can be a problem if you get negative, before reviewing the Resume, it should be checked properly.

If an iron knife, hammer screwdriver or any other tool is kept in a moist place for a few days, then these things will be replaced by a brown color layer.  is .  This is called the world.  The world is actually iron oxide.

  When the iron atom combines with oxygen.  So iron oxide is formed.  Matching iron atoms with oxygen.  The action of oxidation is called.  It is essential to have oxygen and moisture to rust on iron.  Iron does not coincide with oxygen at a dry place. 

Only in the presence of moisture and oxygen, iron atoms mix slowly and steady oxygen, making iron oxides and continuing the process of corrosion.  When any kind of iron starts to rust, then it is gradually spreading on that object.  Rust absorbs water and this water helps the atoms of other parts of the body to form an oxide. 

Does it  A serious problem for scientists to stop rusting.  Because the iron made machine is the railroad motorcycle, the ship.  Thousands of things get spoiled due to the world.
If you are in the product and technology company then there are times when you are not connected to a project.  At such times you have to keep yourself active.  For this, you should make the right use of time.  Know  What to do -

Keep updated - You should constantly focus on your skills and training and keep yourself updated with new trends and technologies.  You should take full advantage of the opportunities being provided by the company through online sessions and courses, knowledge sharing and analytics video.

Find opportunities - Discuss with the people within the office and get information about the internal projects.  Technology companies always work on the development of some of the internal applications or projects.  Not only do you learn by developing such work, but also remain productive.

Contribute - Many companies take special initiative to keep the Emoji active.  Through this, they strengthen the talent.  By working well for Short Duration Projects, you can make good use of your NG and you can look in the company's eyes.  You should contribute further in all kinds of work.

Think different - in every company, the creative -mind people are take the highest importance.  When you do not have a project, you can explore things in a spare time. You can plan for those systems that are not working properly.  Do not be afraid to work in new areas or skills, work with confidence

Cooperation with the company - Many companies have training plans and schedules.  Employees can choose the plan according to their convenience and take training and certification.  It provides encouragement and also provides information about the leaders in the company.
In an auditorium, the speaker took a note of two thousand rupees from Pocket and waving in the wind, asked the people, who among you - wants to get it.

 'The hands of everyone in the meeting rose up.  He wired the note and threw it on the ground and put the floor dust on it.  Now he picked up dust-colored notes and again asked the same question. 

This time also all hands got up.  The speaker asked with surprise, 'This dust has become so much embroiled on the note.  Dust is on this, but still why do you want to get it?  'There was a voice in the gathering,' because its price is two thousand rupees.

  'There was a smile on the speaker's face and said,' This is what we are. 

If we maintain our values ​​in every situation, our acceptance in life never ends.  '
The railway platform waits for three friends - they are upset.  That was what was going on long enough.  All of them thought of coming back to market to cut the time, which was just outside the railway station.  When the three platforms reached the market, they found that the train they were standing for was leaving the train platform.  Now the three of them started running away to catch the train by putting full force.  The first friend ran fast and reached the first compartment of the train and climbed into it.  The second friend ran a little less, but somehow reached the final box of the train.  The third friend ran a race with less speed and did not get into the train.  The friend who had first boarded the compartment went to the rear cartons to see his friends.  At the same time, the last friend in the last box started searching for his friend in a forward box.  Both have a face in a box in the middle.  'Hey you  .  .  First saw the other and said to surprise.  "Oh you  .  .  'The other also saw surprise and asked surprise.  Both of them sat down with their head after disappointment.  They were not surprised by the passengers sitting around watching them and asked them what is the matter?  Both said, 'The one who came to leave was left on the platform.  'This situation is ours many times.  We go somewhere else and we reach out somewhere, we should keep clear goals.



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