During the flight of the airplane, all the information about it goes to one place. The speed of the plane, the height of the engine and other instruments, the interaction of travelers and pilots is recorded. Analyzing these information, the reasons for the accident are identified in case of an accident. This is also called a flight data recorder or a flight recorder. Apart from this, cockpit voice recorder also happens. These two devices are made up of black box. After the frequent air disasters in 1953-54, the need for applying an instrument in the airplane was felt that could keep the air strikes and data stored immediately before or after the accident, which is also safe in accidents are . Its color is not black, red or orange. That is why it was initially called 'Red Egg'. In its initial patterns, the inner wall was kept black because it contained photo-based information. From there the name was black box. There is a Cash Purchase Memory Unit. It is built in such a way that a strong fire is not destroyed even after a fierce explosion.


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