Today almost everyone has a smartphone  There are many unique features in the smartphone, which you can not find in the basic feature phone.  But the features of the feature phone can not be denied.  How would you feel if you got a big screen, battery, box speaker and memory in the feature phone?  There are also feature phones coming in the market which are also used as power banks with calling.  This gives you plenty of convenience.  It also gets rid of the problem of smartphone discharge of the smartphone.  A computer has recently brought a phone that has 5000 mAh battery that turns your phone into a power bank, with the help of this phone can charge another smartphone.  This is not just the basic feature phone.  Includes Tracker, Keypad's Smart Camera, MP3 Music Player 3  There are also features like 5 mm audio jack, auto call recording, dual SIM, wireless FM and torch


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