In the dream of a king, a benevolent monk said that on last night you will have a venomous snake.

The serpent lives in the root of such a tree and he wants to take revenge for the antiquity of birth.  In the morning when the king woke up, he decided that he would change his mind after treating the snake with sweetness. 

In the evening, the king took the tree from the root of the tree and spread the flower beds, sprinkling fragrant water, kept the place of sweet milk in place.  At night the snake came out of his affairs and walked towards the king's palace. 

As he went forward, he was delighted to see the welcome arrangement for him.  The affection of the snake came to mind  The magic of goodness, humility, and sweetness has spelled it.  After some time the snake reached the king's bedroom.  He thought . 

Who has such a sweet behavior, how could that dharmasta king?  He said to the king, Rajan!  I came to repay you for revenge, but your good conduct defeated me.  Now I am your friend not your enemy.


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