There were great philosophers of Greece, Socrates.  His wife was very furious.  He used to fight with Sukras usually on small things, but at all times the Sukras remain calm. 

One day Socrates came home with some of his disciples and his wife became angry.  Socrates ignored this fact.  But he started to say Socrates good and bad in a loud voice. 

Even so, Socrates said nothing, his wife took out mud from the outside and put it on the socrate's face.  Sukrat laughed loudly and said, 'You have rejected the old saying today.  It is said that those who thunder do not rain but you are roaring and rainy. 

All the disciples were watching the developments.  A disciple asked Socrates, 'How do you tolerate this condition.  Socrates said, my wife is the best.  He stalks and sees that Socrates are raw or firm. 

With this behavior I find that I have tolerance.  or not .  By doing this he is doing well for me.  'When the wife hears the words, she is embarrassed.  From that day the wife's behavior changed completely.


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