There are no age to do business.  Was there.  Simply, a creative idea that needs to be hidden in the vast potential of business.

Entrepreneur Sheetal Kapoor was a homemaker for two decades after the marriage, then he stepped into the business and became known as a successful entrepreneur.

Sheetal was born and raised in Amritsar.  After getting married at the age of 21, he came to Delhi.  With the thought of doing some creative she started going to her husband's office.

 Her husband's company made clothes for other brands.  This was the time when the online shopping craze started in the country.  In 2009, Sheetal started selling Kurts through an online shopping site.

He started the job of Garment Company  They started getting good responses.  Gradually, he started expanding the scope of business.

Although initially he had to face many challenges in creating a brand identity among the crowd of big brands, but without fear, he focused on promoting the business together with the husband.  He even extended computer knowledge to business.

Also focus on the quality of outfits.  Today, she sells various garments including scarf, kurta, palazzo, gown for women through both online and offline.

Total turnover of his company has been crores of rupees.  He gives about ten hours daily to his business.  He proved by his success that if you decide to do something, then success is not difficult.

Every challenge that comes in this journey of success certainly makes some learn something.


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