The railway platform waits for three friends - they are upset.  That was what was going on long enough.  All of them thought of coming back to market to cut the time, which was just outside the railway station.  When the three platforms reached the market, they found that the train they were standing for was leaving the train platform.  Now the three of them started running away to catch the train by putting full force.  The first friend ran fast and reached the first compartment of the train and climbed into it.  The second friend ran a little less, but somehow reached the final box of the train.  The third friend ran a race with less speed and did not get into the train.  The friend who had first boarded the compartment went to the rear cartons to see his friends.  At the same time, the last friend in the last box started searching for his friend in a forward box.  Both have a face in a box in the middle.  'Hey you  .  .  First saw the other and said to surprise.  "Oh you  .  .  'The other also saw surprise and asked surprise.  Both of them sat down with their head after disappointment.  They were not surprised by the passengers sitting around watching them and asked them what is the matter?  Both said, 'The one who came to leave was left on the platform.  'This situation is ours many times.  We go somewhere else and we reach out somewhere, we should keep clear goals.


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