If you are in the product and technology company then there are times when you are not connected to a project.  At such times you have to keep yourself active.  For this, you should make the right use of time.  Know  What to do -

Keep updated - You should constantly focus on your skills and training and keep yourself updated with new trends and technologies.  You should take full advantage of the opportunities being provided by the company through online sessions and courses, knowledge sharing and analytics video.

Find opportunities - Discuss with the people within the office and get information about the internal projects.  Technology companies always work on the development of some of the internal applications or projects.  Not only do you learn by developing such work, but also remain productive.

Contribute - Many companies take special initiative to keep the Emoji active.  Through this, they strengthen the talent.  By working well for Short Duration Projects, you can make good use of your NG and you can look in the company's eyes.  You should contribute further in all kinds of work.

Think different - in every company, the creative -mind people are take the highest importance.  When you do not have a project, you can explore things in a spare time. You can plan for those systems that are not working properly.  Do not be afraid to work in new areas or skills, work with confidence

Cooperation with the company - Many companies have training plans and schedules.  Employees can choose the plan according to their convenience and take training and certification.  It provides encouragement and also provides information about the leaders in the company.


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