In an auditorium, the speaker took a note of two thousand rupees from Pocket and waving in the wind, asked the people, who among you - wants to get it.

 'The hands of everyone in the meeting rose up.  He wired the note and threw it on the ground and put the floor dust on it.  Now he picked up dust-colored notes and again asked the same question. 

This time also all hands got up.  The speaker asked with surprise, 'This dust has become so much embroiled on the note.  Dust is on this, but still why do you want to get it?  'There was a voice in the gathering,' because its price is two thousand rupees.

  'There was a smile on the speaker's face and said,' This is what we are. 

If we maintain our values ​​in every situation, our acceptance in life never ends.  '


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