If an iron knife, hammer screwdriver or any other tool is kept in a moist place for a few days, then these things will be replaced by a brown color layer.  is .  This is called the world.  The world is actually iron oxide.

  When the iron atom combines with oxygen.  So iron oxide is formed.  Matching iron atoms with oxygen.  The action of oxidation is called.  It is essential to have oxygen and moisture to rust on iron.  Iron does not coincide with oxygen at a dry place. 

Only in the presence of moisture and oxygen, iron atoms mix slowly and steady oxygen, making iron oxides and continuing the process of corrosion.  When any kind of iron starts to rust, then it is gradually spreading on that object.  Rust absorbs water and this water helps the atoms of other parts of the body to form an oxide. 

Does it  A serious problem for scientists to stop rusting.  Because the iron made machine is the railroad motorcycle, the ship.  Thousands of things get spoiled due to the world.


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