Virtual Reality is an emerging trend that we are seeing more and more often. During the current pandemic, there are various companies that, for example, use the online escape rooms via Virtual Reality. The developments around VR headsets are certainly not standing still. Besides Oculus Rift, there is also Varjo which regularly brings new products to the market.

VR headsets from Varjo

The newest Varjo VR headsets are aimed at the business professional segment and have high-end hardware and specifications. This makes Varjo the absolute top in the market when it comes to virtual reality.

If we look at the most recent range, several products have appeared on the market. New standout models are the Varjo XR-3 and VR-3.

The use of a full-frame Bionic Display allows a field of view of 115 degrees. There are 70 pixels per degree. Compared to previous VR headsets, the resolution and field of view are a big advantage. It is also pleasant for the eyes due to the refresh rate of 90Hz.

The Varjo XR-3 and VR-3 are well priced. You pay for the Varjo XR-3; € 6,990 while the Varjo VR-3 will be sold for € 3,990.

Possibilities of VR

The possibilities of virtual reality are considerable. Developments in this field are moving at lightning speed, so that new possibilities and applications are constantly appearing. For example, one of the most popular options is gaming. Many games are perfectly connected to Virtual Reality. This allows you to experience the games in more reality; think of Iron Man, No Man’s Sky, for example. F1 or for example Doom VFR. The range of games is enormous. Varjo mainly focuses on the business market and Enterprise solution. A good example is Boeing Starliner.

Varjo Boeing Starliner

Varjo has several Enterprise solutions. A good example is Varjo Boeing Starliner. With Varjo, the Boeing Starliner program, a new experience will be available for astronauts to prepare completely virtually. Preparations are complete from pre-launch, docking to landing.

By using Varjo VR headsets, Boeing, in collaboration with Varjo, makes it possible to prepare for every phase of a commercial ISS mission, including landing and disconnecting.

The VR experience is based on visual simulations with real-time data. The VR experience is also user-friendly and it is no longer necessary to use multiple simulators for training.

Varjo focuses on complete Enterprise solutions. Besides Boeing, Varjo has also been able to create various solutions for car manufacturers and industrial companies such as Siemens and aviation companies such as FlightSafety and Ryan Aerospace.



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