The encrypted chat service Signal had to contend with an hour-long outage in recent days which started on Friday and lasted until Saturday. Signal reports this via Twitter.

Signal suffered from interference

In the past week, Signal saw the number of users increase significantly by tens of millions per day. Exact figures have not been released, but from the Play Store it is now clearly visible that there are more than fifty million downloads. The app is also currently in the most popular place in almost all stores.

The growth exceeded all expectations of Signal, as a result of which the chat service suffered a malfunction. The chat service states that it added new servers every day to keep up with its growth.

Signal is a messaging service which is similar to WhatsApp and Telegram. Unique to the service is the direction of privacy. The service is based on privacy. The growth is mainly due to the unrest at WhatsApp about the new privacy rules.

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk, among others, has announced via twitter to switch to Signal because of privacy. Edward Snowden has also been using Signal for a long time.



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