wireless charging has been on the market for some time and developments are going quite fast in that area as well. As far as all techniques are focused on a cable with a charging plate. The Chinese Xiaomi has shown a new charger which uses the Mi Air Charge technology.

The Mi Charge Technology is a form of wireless remote charging, or better known as “remote charging technology”. This technique makes it possible to charge multiple devices simultaneously. It is also possible to use the smartphone while charging.

Xiaomi has developed a new unit which has interference antennas. A phase control array consisting of 144 antennas transmits millimeter-wide waves via beamforming for charging.

Under the hood of the smartphone you can find an antenna array which has a built-in antenna.

Currently, Xiaomi’s remote charging technology is capable of remote charging 5 watts for a single device within a few meters of the street. Naturally, this is a concept technology that will be further expanded in the future. The question is also what such a charging cube is aimed at humans in terms of consequences. The device uses microwaves which can also be found in microwaves and WiFi.


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