Huawei has grown enormously in recent times when it comes to smartphones. Especially the P series and the Mate series have been very well received. Since the trade ban with the United States, the company has struggled to stay popular. If we can believe the rumors, Huawei will stop with the P and Mate series. Huawei itself says this is not the case.

Will Huawei stop producing smartphones?

Huawei is bothered by the trade ban. As a result, Huawei may not include Google services on the new devices. Although it has now considerably expanded its own app gallery, consumers seem to be mainly looking for Google Play Store smartphones. In addition to the Google Play Store, Google Maps, YouTube and other Google services are also missing from the smartphone.

The trade ban leaves its mark on the Chinese company. The trade ban is aimed at espionage by the Chinese company. In addition to the restriction on Google services, the company also does not have the option to use hardware from American soil.

Whether Huawei will really stop selling the smartphones is as yet unclear. But the rumors are still quite present.



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