Smart home products are on the rise. The new possibilities of smart home nowadays go beyond a set of smart lamps or a smart switch. Nowadays there are also plenty of options for saving energy.

It is good for both the environment and your wallet to save energy. Smart home products can very well help to save energy. Of course it is also possible to start with comparing energy.

Saving on electricity via smart home

Saving on electricity is quickly possible by using energy-efficient products. In addition to replacing devices, it is also possible to make existing products more economical.

Devices in stand-by mode consume quite a bit of energy while not in use. Energy will still be consumed during standby consumption. By using smart plugs it is possible to easily save energy.

These are plugs that you place between your device and your socket. Via an app it is then possible to determine when it should be turned off completely and when it will turn on again. This can be done manually via the app or according to a completely fixed rhythm. In addition to the TV, you can also connect your lamps or equipment such as computers / monitors to a smart plug.

There are also smart plugs that measure how much energy the device uses. This way you immediately see which devices in the house consume the most power.

Smart lighting

Lighting is one of the largest energy consumers in the home. In any case, it is wise to replace the older light bulbs for energy-efficient LED lighting. If you do switch, it is wise to immediately purchase smart LED lighting, which makes it possible to fully program the lighting by using schedules, sensors and smart data that has been collected. Today there are many brands of which Philips is one of the most popular at the moment. In addition to Philips Hue, there are also lamps from Ikea, Innr and many dozens of brands. Nowadays the Lidl various smart home products.

Solar panels

Solar panels can be easily connected to smart home products. The best way to save a lot on your electricity costs is to generate energy yourself. By using solar panels it is possible to easily save energy. In combination with smart home products you can also plan scenarios so that, for example, the dryer or washing machine will run at a suitable time. By using smart washing machines you can ensure that the washing machine only runs when the sun is shining.



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