Smart home systems are getting more and more applications. Think of smart lamps, applications for the media and controlling comfort.

What is smart home?

Smart home is literally translated ‘smart home’ and that is the main goal of a smart home addition. In short, it is automating processes through digital means.

Domotics is a common word that will be used within smart home. Home automation is the merging and combining of different smart home combinations by mainly combining techniques.

Combination of products

By combining many products you develop a smart home. Nowadays there are several products that can communicate with each other. By means of a smart home hub it is possible to combine smart products. An example of a smart home hub are the products of Homey.

The possibilities are vast. It is possible to automate many processes which are normally performed manually. This includes automatically switching on smart lighting, operating the heating based on the last location and activating one irrigation system.

Some scenarios that are possible:

  • Set lighting at fixed times
  • Combining lighting with smart motion sensors
  • Automatically turn off / on the heating based on GPS distance
  • Mowing the lawn at the right time with robotic mowers
  • Activating the irrigation system in the garden
  • Automatically control curtains and blinds when the sun starts to shine
  • Smart scenarios with lighting and audio during Netflix
  • Based on smart door sensor light on or off.


There are also plenty of options outside the house. Think of smart garden lighting from, for example, Philips Hue, or modern LED strips. In addition to lighting, there are also options for a sprinkler installation that works entirely on smart home technologies.

Nowadays there are several soil sensors available which can measure the soil quality. Then it is possible to automatically activate the system at a minimum humidity. It is also often possible for existing water systems to use an existing controller to make the functionalities smart.

With the new ways of smart watering the garden, you will quickly receive many benefits. This way you will never forget to water the garden and plants and shrubs receive the correct amounts of water. It is also possible to activate the system from a holiday address. In addition to the few functionalities, there are also possibilities to link the data with a weather station. If the weather station shows that rain has fallen all morning, it is not necessary to spread water in the garden. This also makes a smart system cost-effective.



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