Rumors about the iPhone 13 continue to grow. Although the innovations with the iPhone 12 were limited, there is a chance that Apple will provide the iPhone 12 with a number of new technologies. The arrival of an in-display Touch ID sensor seems to be quite present.

Return Touch ID

One of the newest features is the return of Touch ID. The biometric sensor was removed from high-end iPhones in 2017, but Apple plans to make the sensor return using in-screen techniques.

Although many still prefer Face ID, there is a large target group that prefers a Touch ID sensor. It would be the case that both sensors will work side by side, so that you can still use Touch ID and Face ID.

The other major change that may be coming to iPhone is the removal of the Lightning port. Analysts report that Apple plans to switch completely to wireless charging without any connection. Charging has become easier via the MagSafe chargers.

For the time being, rumors about the new iPhone remain. Of course, more rumors about the new iPhone series will surface in the coming months.



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