How many Dutch people do you think there is Facebook present? There are many. No fewer than 10.4 million Dutch people were on Facebook in 2020. Although there are often rumors causing people to say they are going to stop, the use has increased by 2 percent compared to 2019. In short, we all love it anyway. That is why today we celebrate the seventeenth anniversary of the social medium.

The Social Network

Whoever says Facebook says The Social Network. The film, which tells the origin story in a hugely dramatized way, was a huge success. This film by David Fincher (Se7en) made Jesse Eisenberg, among others, enormously famous, although there were also beautiful roles for Andrew Garfield, Rashida Jones and Armie Hammer. Mark Zuckerberg was not entirely happy with the film, but the rest of the world disagreed with him. The Social Network won three Oscars: Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Film Score (thanks Trent Reznor) and Best Editing.

The drama from The Social Network may be extra thick, but the story is no less true. Facebook once existed as a kind of face book at a university, but it was expanded further and further. At first it was even a website where you kept seeing two women and then you had to vote who you liked better. A kind of hotornot, but within Harvard. Not the least university.


Zuckerberg got a bad reputation for it with the women, but as a programmer was in the spotlight with the Winklevoss brothers. Eventually, they created the social website The Harvard Connection together and he also worked on TheFacebook, a somewhat more innocent face book site where you can see who is attending which lectures. Ultimately, TheFacebook is seen as plagiarism on The Harvard Connection and partly that led to a major lawsuit between Zuckerberg and the Winklevossjes.

It all ultimately made Zuckerberg the youngest billionaire ever. However, there are more fun facts to tell about it social platform.



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