Welcome to the latest edition of our Good News column. Which we’ve been creating and publishing every Friday for almost a year. And we still manage to fill an edition every week with great news. Fortunately! Because despite all the misery, there is still plenty of fun to report. Similarly this week. What you read in this edition: thick snow expected this weekend, new #FilterDrop challenge on Instagram and an infinite smartphone screen from Xiaomi.

Heavy snow expected

Get those snowshoes and skates out of the closet because strong winter weather is forecast this weekend. And we are not talking about a few degrees of frost, but quite cold and a lot of snow. This news makes many Dutch people happy. Understandable, because we often cannot enjoy real winter weather. So the hashtags snow and elfstedentocht are immediately trending on Twitter. A bit exaggerated perhaps, but it is fun, right? So at least get the gloves out so you are prepared for a snowball fight.

Another new challenge on Instagram: #FilterDrop

One after the other challenge flies around your ears on Instagram. This time, the hashtag #FilterDrop is trending. It is meant to make a statement against the beauty industry, where it is difficult to see what is real and what is not. In campaigns, the models have a perfect skin without imperfections, which makes many people insecure. Because we might also want such a smooth wrinkle-free skin. But seems deceiving, of course, because before such a photo is used, a lot of professional make-up and photo editing has preceded it. Influencers on Instagram now want to make a statement because they believe that misleading advertising should no longer be made for cosmetic products. The #FilterDrop challenge encourages women to show off their natural faces. After a move for body positivity, this is now called skin positivity.

Badgers released in Overijssel

You sometimes forget that we also have wildlife in the Netherlands, such as the badger. Little chance that you will ever come face to face with it, because the animals rarely show themselves. And when they do it is often for a car wheel. This is also the case in Overijssel, where a mother badger was killed in May. A week later the orphan badgers were rescued from the castle. Nature organizations have taken care of the animals in recent months and the badgers have now reached maturity and been successfully released in the wild. This was done in the greatest secrecy to avoid disturbing the peace of the bugs. This gave them plenty of time to settle down in the Dutch countryside again.

New Xiaomi phone has ‘endless’ screen

No buttons, no black edges, no ports: the new phone from Xiaomi looks like a kind of flat, luminous stone. It is a concept aircraft that not only ‘falls’ down to the right and left, but also up and down. The curve is 88 degrees and therefore there is no room for buttons and ports. Xiaomi is proud of the new device, which ‘extends the boundaries of the display to infinity’. It’s a great thing, but we wonder how often you accidentally call or text someone with so much screen on all sides. On the other hand, it is a beautiful device to see:

Elise Schaap will be in the Dutch Netflix series next year

Anna Drijver has written a series for Elise Schaap, which can be seen on Netflix next year. The Undercover actress stars in a series about Michelle who wants to become an influencer. Obviously that is not as easy as influencers often believe. Schaap is enthusiastic and hopes that the series will be “rancid, wonderful, romantic, sad, ridiculous and funny”. No pressure, Anna!

New Amazon Alexa advertising is nicely on the edge

It’s Superbowl weekend this weekend and that means companies spend millions to commercials. Amazon has made a very nice new advertisement for the Alexa voice assistant. Here we see a woman who completely swoons away at the thought that Alexa is secretly Michael B. Jordan. The actor speaks in a sultry voice in the commercial and even takes off his shirt, while the husband of the swooning woman tries with all his might to get her attention.



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