Sony shipped 4.5 million PlayStation 5 consoles worldwide in 2020. That is a similar number as at the launch of the PS4 in 2013. This is according to a message from the company.

Huge profit thanks to the PS5

Sony has managed to mass-produce the console. Although it has been difficult to buy a PS5 since the launch in November. With the launch of the PS5, Sony has had the best quarter in PlayStation history.

Sales increased 40 percent to seven billion euros, partly thanks to the sale of PS5. Operating profit increased 50 percent to $ 66.8 million due to higher game sales, PlayStation Plus subscriptions and better margins on PS4 hardware.

Availability of the PS5

The PS5 Digital Edition is available for a suggested retail price of $ 399.99 and the PS5 with an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive is available for a suggested retail price of $ 499.99. With the exception of the Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive, both PS5 models offer the same specifications, so players can enjoy the same transformative gameplay experiences no matter which PS5 they choose. More information can be found at


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