UPDATE 5 February – Google has now found a solution to the problems with Australia. It has launched News Showcase. It released $ 1 billion to pay publishers for showing their journalistic productions. You will see cards in News Showcase that you can swipe. These are, for example, cards of a certain medium with three articles that are recommended. Australians can see it in Google News on Android, iOS and the browser. It remains to be seen how the lawmakers in Australia react: this Google News Showcase is mainly something that Google thinks is a good solution.

ORIGINAL MESSAGE – Google is already fighting with the media in several places. Not because they keep changing their search engine optimization rules, but because it is believed that the wrong person makes money from articles written by professionals. In Australia that quarrel is even so high that Google has said he may withdraw from Australia altogether. That would mean that you can no longer do Google searches in that country.

Australia vs Google

Australia wants to create a new code of conduct whereby Google is bound by hands: it will then have to pay for links to news articles. Google does not like that. It would even be unworkable and would cost quite a bit: about 6.5 million euros. Moreover, the new legislation is very specifically based on two companies: Facebook (the news feed) and Google (the search engine). Facebook has already said it will remove the news from the news feed for all Australian users.

Despite this, the Australian government does intend to go ahead with the new legislation. Prime Minister Scott Morrison says: “Australia sets the rules of what is allowed in Australia. If you can work with this, you are welcome. If you are going to threaten, we will not give in. ” Australia is right, because standing firm does have an effect. Google does pay in France for being able to display messages from publishers and media.

No more Google in Australia

If Google stands firm, it means that 19 million Australians who use Google every month will no longer be able to do Google searches at all. 17 million Australians who use Facebook monthly will no longer see news articles. Ultimately, of course, it is very double: on the one hand, media should make money if Google uses bits of their articles. On the other hand, those same media also need Google to attract more people to their platforms.

A lot of people think that Google is bullying Australia. Certainly because it has been able to make good agreements with hundreds of media around the world. Many people do not fully understand why it is such a problem for the search engine giant to do this in Australia. However, there are also people who believe that Google is right and wants to ensure that the internet maintains a certain status. At the same time, it is Google and Facebook that have enormous power over what we see on the same internet. Undoubtedly to be continued.

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