The nominations for the Golden Globes have finally been announced. Normally, it is awarded at the beginning of each year. Due to the corona crisis, that was postponed and eventually the prizes were handed out a few months later than usual. According to the jury, the best films and series were mainly used up last year Netflix to see. Where cinema films and TV series used to dominate, streaming services are playing a more important role. Logical, because we watch Netflix en masse. Although Amazon Prime Video is on the rise in the Netherlands, Hulu and HBO are also widely watched in the United States. The series with the most nominations is The Crown.

Netflix dominates

Netflix dominates the list and has no fewer than 42 notations, about a third of the total. 22 of them in the movie categories and 20 for series. The Crown and Ozark in particular were highly regarded by the jury. The film The Trial of the Chicago 7 and Mank 7 received the most nominations in the film category. Few films have been released in theaters in the past year. It is therefore logical that the nominees are mainly among the streaming services. In addition to Netflix, we also see Amazon Prime Video, Disney + and HBO Max in the lists.

The Crown and Ozark

The Crown is an unprecedented Netflix hit. The series about the British royal family has been doing well from the first season. A total of 6 are planned, so enthusiasts can enjoy it for a while. Three seasons have now been made of Ozark and there will be a 4th, and also last, season about the family that is getting deeper into the criminal nests. Two completely different series that are both overloaded with prizes and now have a chance to win Golden Globes again.

Nominations Golden Globes

Top 5 films with the most nominations:

  • Limp: 6
  • The Trial of the Chicago 7: 5
  • The Father: 4
  • Nomadland: 4
  • Promising Young Woman: 4

Top 5 of the series with the most nominations:

  • The Crown: 6
  • Schitt’s Creek: 5
  • Ozark: 4
  • The Undoing: 4
  • The Great: 3

Also hit series like The Queen’s Gambit and Unorthadox received a number of nominations. Even Emily in Paris managed to get 2 nominations, because it is remarkable. Although the series scored well and has a high ‘feel-good value’, there was also a lot of criticism about its quality. Check out the full list here.

The nominees were announced by Sarah Jessica Parker and Taraji P. Henson via a live stream. The award ceremony on February 28 will also take place online and will be presented by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.



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