The denouement of episode 6 of Who is the mole? was pretty exciting, but in the end no one had to leave the game. We are secretly disappointed. The atmosphere in the group sometimes seems to change and it is interesting to see that the candidates trust each other less and less. For example, Marije made a futile attempt at Charlotte to extract information, but she did not want to share anything anymore. And during the first assignment on the bus it soon became apparent that nobody is really generous with sharing information. Those who seem to know everything are the fans of the program. It is wonderful to read all conjectures and hints. That is why we have listed them for you again!

Who is the mole? episode 6: hide away

The titles of the episodes are often so cryptic that we don’t really know what to do with them. In the past, they often hinted at the mole, but they can also be just randomly chosen. At least enough jokers were tucked away during episode 6, because they were handed out during the first assignment. We have collected all the striking things, hints and the best tweets for you!

Hints and other notable things during episode 6 of Wie is de mole?

First assignment: letterbox

  • Marije chose to share the note she found with the others, so everyone could see who was telling the truth. A smart strategy from the mole to gain confidence?
  • Renée and Splinter were honest about what they found at their stops, by the way.

Second task: escape

  • Charlotte’s key hangs from the ceiling in her cell. Ultimately, it is Splinter who notices him.
  • It works Marije not to escape, because in the end it costs a lot of money for the pot. A mole action?
  • Rocky helps Renée to free, would a mole do this? Or is Renée herself the mole and pretended not to understand how to get out of the cell?

Third task: pressurize

  • Charlotte ran around fanatically but did not find a single ‘station’, as the only candidate. Because she couldn’t be eliminated as a mole, could she?
  • splinter chose not to take out Charlotte, a special choice when an exemption is at stake.
  • Rocky remains fairly unobtrusive during all assignments. She helps a lot, but she doesn’t have any really crazy actions. A useful tactic as a mole, because as far as we know she is not really suspected by the other candidates.
  • Marije felt during this episode that the other candidates were after her. Her passive-aggressive comments were therefore not tender.
  • splinter feels comfortable in his role as treasurer. Marije made a clumsy attempt to take over from him, but apparently he is trusted by the other candidates. And perhaps Splinter, as a mole, already knows what advantages he still has to offer as treasurer further on in the game.

The best tweets from episode 6 of Wie is de mole?

Also this week we have put the best tweets in a row for you and after every episode it remains fun to read them. Have fun and see you next week!



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