Is it a security system or simply a sensor that switches on the light when you go through the door? Xiaomi SmartSensor is both. For example, the system should be useful for when you are at home, but also if you were just a little late for the curfew one night and are sleeping elsewhere. We are testing whether the Xiaomi SmartSensor is the smart help that we can use at home.


Nice packaging

You never get a second chance to make a first impression and Xiaomi does that very well in this case. The packaging is reminiscent of the average Apple packaging and looks very luxurious with its white, minimalist appearance. Open the packaging and you will be greeted very clearly by all the parts from the smarthome set.

This way you immediately see what you have bought. The SmartSensor set consists of two motion sensors, two door / window sensors, the remote control to switch the system on / off and the Mi control hub that also functions as a night light and of course some documentation.


Not that durable

While it is very attractive in terms of presentation, it doesn’t seem like the most sustainable choice. The packaging could probably be half the size if it was wrapped in two layers. This meant you needed less packaging material (including plastic), more boxes could be put in the truck and more items on the shelf.

No doubt it has been a stylistic choice, but Xiaomi could have made a different choice here. Certainly after it laughed at Apple by no longer supplying adapters in the iPhone box, which it subsequently also chose to deliver Mi 11 without an adapter. The company can also implement this sustainability in the packaging of this beautiful SensorSet.


The installation

Installing the set is very easy, because Xiaomi has included enough double-sided stickers to hang everything nicely. Setting up in the app is also a piece of cake. As soon as you plug in the Mi control hub, the app will find it.

That documentation that Xiaomi you don’t really need it in the box. Once you have the app, it is clear what you have to do. All sensors and the remote control are also pre-programmed with the hub, so you don’t have to do anything extra for that. You can also add extra sensors via the app to expand the system.

There are two positions to choose, namely protected and normal. With your smartphone or with the remote control you can easily switch between the modes by double clicking. With a single click you activate a handy night light on the hub, of which you can even set the color in the app.


Protected versus normal

In the protected mode, all sensors are armed and an alarm goes off as soon as movement is detected or if a window or door is opened. In the other position, the sensors also work, except that no alarm sounds. You can choose to receive a notification on your phone if a sensor detects something. If you have named the sensors in the app, you can see exactly where.

Xiaomi is very much with Xiaomi with its set. I want to say that there is no further integration option with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Apple Homekit. So from the Xiaomi app you cannot ensure that other devices provide support or enable some kind of If This, Then That-like chain reactions. You can link the Xiaomi app to Google Home, but it only works with cameras and lamps, not with this SensorSet.


The range of the sensors

The range of the sensors in relation to the control hub is sufficient. I tested sensors on several floors and even in the shed at the back of the garden. The alarm goes off on the hub completely according to plan when I open the door. That in itself is exactly how it should work, but the fact that the alarm is only limited to the hub is a shame in some way. It is useful for me to hear the alarm, but it would be nice if it could deter potential burglars. Now, chances are they won’t hear the alarm if they only target the shed.

Of course you will also receive a notification on your phone, so if you are not at home yourself, you will still be alerted. This gives you security in and around your house both at home and on the road. Xiaomi SensorSet is a nice, complete set in that respect. Indeed, it does exactly what it is supposed to do: help you turn on a light when you’re at home, but also keep an extra sensor in hand when you’re not sleeping at home for a night.

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